About Lew Merrick

Who is Lew Merrick?

Lew Merrick is a person of broad industrial experiences who has spent years cross-crafting
to expand his skills and knowledge. Making things and getting them to work
correctly is a long-standing passion of his. The relationship between form, fit, and
function were an early lesson in his life – static experiments quickly turned dynamic and
led to an introduction to the mathematics underlying the same. His understanding and
knowledge of such things grew rapidly and consistently. His apprenticeship in a Tool &
Die machine shop gave him a deep appreciation for the means, methods, and equipment
establishing production.

What is Lew Merrick’s background?

Lew Merrick began learning to use hand tools for tasks simple and complex as a child.
As he moved into the realm of machine tools his skills and abilities grew. His
involvement with those performing Research & Development work led him back to
school to expand his abilities in mathematics and physics which, in turn, led him into
Mechanical Design Engineering – a passion he has followed ever since. Being a
formally trained apprentice allowed him to expand his learning and practice from those
with whom he worked – a process ongoing to this day.